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Design Consolidated specialises in using print & graphic design to create and produce visual solutions for business communication needs. We share a vision with our clients. Every project is carefully managed. The creative process evolves from the initial concept through to design and to the final product in both print and electronic media.

We can assist you with:

Your Brand is Your Identity

It is what makes your business different from others, in what is already a competitive market. A corporate identity which complements your business is what consumers will relate to and remember. It is what attracts customers and creates customer loyalty.

Design Consolidated provides creative and cost-effective brand design and corporate identity solutions. Our specialised graphic and web designers can create a complete print and online brand image which will appeal and communicate to your business' target market.

With close two-way interaction between our designers and the client we ensure an identity is created which matches the marketing angle your business represents.

Identity Creation

We are equipped to support clients from the moment of identity conception through the process of branding, consulting and deployment of print and interactive web campaigns, as well as subsequent maintenance, upkeep and ongoing commitment.

Print Management

Too many people leave the responsibility of marketing their business to a printer because they assume a printer understands advertising, branding and marketing. This is not the case.

Design Consolidated makes sure your job is followed through from initial design concept through to end product choosing the appropriate printer and distributor for your publishing material.

Design Process

Design Consolidated follows the following design process:

If you would like more information about how our web design services can help you, please contact us.

Here is some detailed information on Graphic Design Principles for printed items for your interest.

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